Empowering your Body, Mind and Spirit



  1. When is payment due?
    Payment for my in person services is due at the end of each session.
    Payment for my virtual services is due in advance to secure the time.
  2. What is your preferred form of payment?
    I accept Cash, Debit cards, Visa and MasterCard.
    All payments are to be made in Canadian currency.
  3. Do you have a sliding scale fee?
    At this time, I do not offer a sliding scale fee. However, I do offer a "Pay It Forward" treatment once per day at a deeply discounted rate, please contact me to book.
  4. What is your cancellation policy?

    Please provide a minimum of 24 hour notice, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This will enable me to contact other patients who require my services. 
    I know last minute changes to your schedule are sometimes impossible for you to avoid. However, I charge a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the charges applicable to the original time reserved specifically for you, unless you or your child is ill or there is an extenuating circumstance. This fee will also apply when you arrive late for your appointment or request to leave early.

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  1. Do you provide energy healings?
    Professionally, I do not use the word "healing" as it can be misconstrued and misleading. This is because some people make assumptions regarding that word and create/form unrealistic expectations around that word.
    I am here to help you reclaim your power and provide support - if in that process, you heal yourself, that is yours to claim. I am the conduit of universal energy to help you with your body, mind and spirit.
    As a gentle reminder, the body has the ability to heal itself. It requires commitment from you, effort towards positive change and desire for self-improvement.
  2. Do you offer package pricing?
    Short answer: No, I do not offer package pricing.
    I understand you want to save money, even when it means making a large payment upfront. However, some of the time, package pricing is offered as a method to keep clients in retention. As I am trying to empower you and help you reclaim your own power - I want you to have the ability to decide for yourself, whether our sessions are helpful to you and have been beneficial. I do not want you to feel, at any time, obligated to come back because you have paid upfront and do not want to forfeit your hard-earned money.
  3. Will my extended insurance plan cover the sessions?
    Please speak with your extended insurance provider prior to our session - they are the only qualified personnel to answer this and any of your questions pertaining to your coverage. A receipt will be provided at the end of our session, and upon receipt of payment.
    My Canadian Reiki Association membership number is 18-207.
    My City of Toronto Holistic Practitioner license number is T30-4914118.
    I have my Acupuncturist license and an official receipt will be provided for your insurance provider.

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  1. Will you share my personal information with others?
    As a professional practitioner, I follow the ethics and policies as dictated by my professional associations, societies, and PHIPA. Your personal information and shared experiences in session will not be shared with a third party and will be kept confidential.
    The only exception is when there is reason to believe you, my client, may harm yourself or someone else. Under these conditions, appropriate actions will be taken for the safety of my client and others.

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