Empowering your Body, Mind and Spirit


Welcome to a new path for your life!

I'd love to work with you to help you lower your stress levels, sleep better, feel better, and bring more joy and balance into your life.

I have synthesized left-brain logic with right-brain intuition to create a new paradigm for myself and I am here to help you do the same.  With my brand of integrative treatments which combines energy medicine (Usui Reiki, TCM acupuncture), hands-on bodywork, and vibrational medicine (tuning fork, crystal and flower remedy), I can help you improve your personal life and your work life by incorporating new approaches and gain different perspectives.

Let's work together in a holistic way to Empower your Body, Mind and Spirit!

Empowering your Mind Body and Spirit Set it free Better together

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My Response to COVID-19:

Medical masks are optional during treatment. I will be wearing medical mask and necessary PPE during your appointment to protect both of our health.

Please remember to maintain physical distancing.
Wash your hands frequently.
Eat well and maintain good sleep hygiene.
We are in this together.

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